About Genetic Foundation of Khorasan Razavi

Genetic foundation of khorasan razavi is a public organization that established by donr’s help and welfare organization’s assistance, in July 2009 for the purpose of provide quality genetic testing services relevant to twenty-first century medicine and also reduce Genetic and congenital diseases in the community.

cultural activities and Notices

Culture and inform the public about the importance of genetic counseling and an introduction to its dimensions, is always one of the goals of the genetic basis of Khorasan Razavi. Overview of the Foundation's activities and programs can be grouped in the following areas:

1. Build and release animated advertising on television and national media with a focus on discussion of genetic counseling 2. Participation in the construction of national media programs on the subject of genetics and related issues 3. Information on the city by billboards and ...


برنامه زنده باد زندگی - شبکه دوم سیما تبلیغات و آگهی تلویزیونی در رسانه ملی اطلاع رسانی از طریق بیلبوردهای شهری برنامه ژنتیک راه حل گمشده

Statistics of Activities in 1395

working hours

Genetic Foundation every day from 9 am to 4 pm is ready to serve patients

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