patients guide

1What should I do to do a urine test?
before experiments Avoid drinking too much liquid. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and dry well with paper towels. Exercise caution when opening the lid of urine container, without your hands come into contact with the inner surface of the container or the lid. Put the lid of the package and deliver it to the lab. Note that: the best example for the detection of urinary tract infections is a first morning urine sample.
2To perform the test a couple of hours must be hungry ?
But not all tests need to be prepared to do more experiments need to be Complying with the rules that if be considered well would reach the right results. Obviously you must know the exact meaning of fasting. In general, the purpose of fasting is to not eat during the 12 hours before the exam. Should not drink fluid during the 12 hours before testing, fluid (water-eating habit every person is permissible under the regime) and 12 hours before the test should not chew gum and Different chocolates, Mint (Mentha combinations) breast syrups or tablets use of smooth throat. So if your doctor has requested a test that requires fasting, you can drink water during 12 hours before testing. use medications that physicians allow to taking them, the same dose (but you should aware laboratory of using them) • 12 hours before testing can brush your teeth. Another important point to be aware of your illness laboratory medical records, if you have certain conditions or are taking certain medications should notify the lab.
3For screening tests What hints should I know?
Fortunately nowadays can small amount of blood from the baby inform us of the existence of several important metabolic disorder and before the disorder causes damage to the baby and it will be completely treated. The most important of these disorders of the thyroid disease. • Note that the first days of the disorders especially about apparently healthy baby does not neglect presence of this disease. several important points: • Fasting blood sugar tests must perform after 8 hours of fasting (note that this period of fasting is recommended for evening). test of triglycerides (a blood fat) at least 12 hours of fasting is required. • test for blood urea nitrogen (BUN) 4-8 hour fast enough, in addition, the patient must be at least 2-3 days prior to testing refrain from eating foods that contain much meat. This test, along with more detailed information of how to creatinine renal function will be available to the physician. • Perform blood uric acid and urea tests require at least 8 hours of fasting.